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To achieve its objectives, the CVRD-FVD organizes itself in such a way as to not only monitor human, technical and administrative factors that directly affect the quality of their services, but also promote the reduction, elimination and, fundamentally, the prevention of all disabilities in order to improve its efficiency.
The quality of the services provided by CVRD-FVD is regarded as one of its main objectives. Accordingly, the Executive Committee of CVRD-FVD established itself as strategic objective the maintenance and continual improvement of our management system analysis laboratory, according to the norm NP EN ISOIEC 17025, and subsequent accreditation of the greatest possible number of tests it carried out by a competent authority.

The lab, known as the laboratory of CVRD-FVD, is one of the sectors of the Dão Bourd Commission and Federation of Winegrowers. It was accredited since 1999, according to NP EN 45001 with consequent renewal of accreditation in May 2002 in accordance with the NP EN 17025 ISOIEC as appears on the Certificate of Accreditation and its technical annex L 230 of Accreditation N° L0230-1 (the original can be found on the page of IPAC). Their management system covers all of the work held only in permanent installations.
The laboratory of CVRD-FVD:
-Carry out quality control of wine products;

-Perform test activities in accordance with the requirements of the norm NP EN ISOIEC 17025;

-Satisfy the needs of customers who provides services;

-Create an image of credibility, confidence and technical rigor in the provision of their services;

-Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and impartiality of the work carried out;

-Ensure that the quality control of products is carried out with technical rigor;

-Obtain adequate analytical results in a time and cost acceptable accuracy, according to rules, regulations and experimental procedures applicable to tests (Tests, methods and pricing, FR-terms and conditions-5.4.1 external customers).
The laboratory of CVRD demand a continuous updating of FVD techniques used in such a way as to meet the new challenges presented by the market in wine, with a view to greater consumer protection.

The samples to be tested in CVRD-FVD are forwarded by:

-Technical Verification Services, for the purpose of bottling, control, certification, export, etc.;

-Customers, for the purpose of technical assistance.
The samples to be tested are previously encoded and logistic support services make them confidential to the lab, Board of assessors and file.

In the laboratory processing of test items passing through receipt of the samples sent by the logistics support services, carrying out of the trials and the collection of samples already tested for a place in the laboratory.

The general flow of samples to be tested, since the reception until the issue and sending the test sheet is thus dragged:


    Logistics Support Services
Reception Sorting
Disclosure avoidance and Coding
Board of Tasters
Sensorial Analysis
Reception and Trials
Proof Sheet   Testing Bulletin
(Introduction of the results
in the computer)
Summary Sheet   Review    
Verification   Final Review    
    Logistics Support Services
(Emission and Submission of the Bulletin of Testing and Correspondent Craft)
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