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Here begins a journey in the world of Dão wines. Take a deep breath, filling the chest of air and let yourself be lead by the aromas and flavors of wine waiting to be discovered. Do not wait any longer and discover now that what counts is not always the experience that has accumulated around, but what you are about to live. Discover the elegant maturity of the Dão.

Dão: a longlasting pleasure.

It is right in the center of Portugal, through groves and mountain ridges that we start the journey. Let us gaze on the horizon and see the foothills of the Mountain.

Discover the adventure of travel by valleys and hills, by paths and footpaths, step by step o. And see the elegance of rivers, streams, creeks, water wires that seem to draw basically the silence of the mountain, a sinuous mirror that reflects the light from the Sun.

From the silence of the past emerged the elegance and the magic of a wine that leaves lost in the confines of the mountain and in the length of the memory to its essence and its name.

This is Dão. Between the allure of granite and the magic of vineyards; between the magnificence of the mountain and the fragility of the river that gives it the name; between the silence of history and memory that it keep the wines in their oak vats without time or age. This is Dão: land of people and memories. Land of history. Earth-Mother of a wine that it inherited the beauty, magic, knowledge, tradition, which stretch in a flavor that the time is not diluted.

Bring on the look, in the mouth, in the soul, the elegance of a velvety aroma and lingering magical as few: a long Dão flavor. A longlasting pleasure.

Carlos André, Faculdade de Letras de Coimbra

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